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About the Chief Chocoholic

Cocoa Dimensions was started in 2012 by an engineer/coffee geek.  This was around the time when consumers were getting interested in specialty coffee and many of my coffee friends starting up cafes could not find something good enough to match up to the improving standards of coffee that they were trying to serve.

I had always remembered this amazing hot chocolate I had while on vacation in Sydney, visiting my wife who was doing a short training stint there.  She was pregnant with our first child and could not drink coffee.  My coffee was extremely delicious, but I think her hot chocolate left a greater impression. (this was Campos Coffee on Missenden road, near The University of Sydney)

Fast forward a few years and I decided it was time to get in touch with Craig McKenzie from Grounded Pleasures and it has been a very fulfilling journey ever since.  The love for the delicious chocolate and chai still sustains us to this day, and it is always a privilege to share this with new chocoholics


- Alan