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Recommendations to make a hot or iced chocolate/chai

We recommend a starting dose of 1g:10ml of milk.  This would work out to about 2-3 teaspoons to a mug.  Try it out and adjust to taste.  Make the drink with milk, not water.  There are no fillers in the products (milk powder, non-dairy creamer etc) 

What is the difference between the original and noir chocolate?

The original drinking chocolate contains 40% cocoa content by weight. The chocolate is a blend of forastero and trinitaro cocoa. The tasting notes would be rich chocolate with fruity notes (raisins,muscat)

The Noir offers an intense cocoa experience for the chocolate drinker. It has 52% cocoa content and is also comprised of both types of cocoa.  The careful cocoa processing means that the end product is a dark drinking chocolate with minimal bitterness in the cup.

What is the recommended dose?

It should not be too fiddly making your perfect cup of drinking chocolate, just 2-3 teaspoons to a cup will be a good starting point. 

For those that want something more precise, a good starting point is 1g cocoa:10ml milk, then subsequently adjust to taste.

Note that because this is a pure product without fillers, you should be making the drink with milk

How do you ship the product?

We use a cardboard box that can fit up to 3 boxes of chocolate, or up to 2 big packs of chocolate. This ensures the product reaches you intact, in case you want to give it as a gift.